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Thermal Imaging

Is your house cold or drafty in the winter? Do you have to run the air conditioning all day in the summer? Would you like to spend less on your utility bills? Then A Thermal Imaging home inspection is just what you need. Read How a thermal imaging inspection can benefit you as a home owner.

A thermal Imaging Camera, in its most basic form, allows the user to see a two dimensional image displayed in heat. This infrared image is created with a tiny grid of infrared detectors inside the thermal imaging camera behind a lens. When all of individual temperature values are converted from a neumeric temperature value to a color associated with a temperature, you generate a thermal image. Thermal images are usefull in many industrial applications, most industrial problems will generate heat as a byproduct such as overloaded panels or failing bearings in a motor. Building inspection is also a great appliation as thermal imaging camera's can detect heat loss around windows or doors and can even detect water damage if used properly!The single most critical feature when selecting a thermal camera is the infrared detector resolution. This is the number of points the thermal imaging camera can measure at any one time and is usually refered to as horizontal x vertical pixels. If you multiply the horizontal pixels by the vertical pixels you will get the total number of infrared measurement points that the camera is capable of measureing. More temperature measurement points will give you a clearer image, better ability to see physically smaller temperature changes and the ability to print out the image at large sizes. Thermal Imaging Camera

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