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A few years ago I built my first Solar Panel, It was both rewarding and usefull. I would recomend everyone take a look at this course and harness the power of the sun and wind. I have not built my wind turbine yet but I will be in the future. This was a fun project and not expensive at all, compared to buying a pre built solar panel.

First I Was Skeptical, But After Giving "Home Made Energy" A Fair Trial, I Saw First Hand
How Much Money You Can Save...

I wanted to share my experience in purchasing a product that many other people recommended: Home Made Energy.

I've been researching for many ways to generate renewable energy from your home.

It can be done. But until very recently this was very, very expensive.

Luckily, Bill Ford figured out a way to build a solar or wind generator for $200 or even $100.

I was skeptical at first when I saw their website. However, seeing that they provide a 60-day money-back guarantee, I decided to give it a fair trial.

And I was very pleasantly surprized by the whole experience with their product.

It taught me how to easily build a solar or wind generator. And I'm not an engineer or anything like that. It was that they specific details on where to get every piece and instructions on how to put everything together.

After about 6 hours spent on it and $170 invested, I had my own solar panel.

After another 5 hours spent and $120, I had my own wind mill genrator.

I just had to try both these systems. And I had a lot of fun while building them.

Is "Home Made Energy" The Best Solution
For The Energy Problems We Are Facing?

I would say a big YES! Otherwise I wouldn't even bother to write about this.

You can buy a wind or solar generator and pay someone to install it. But from my research this will cost you at least a couple thousands dollars.

And the DIY products from Home Made Energy will generate all the electricity you need, with only a tiny bit of any other investment, whatsoever.

To me it was like buying "free gold". I save more on my monthly bill than I invested in the whole system.

This small thing that I've done for my home will save me this year thousands of dollars.

Plus, I have learned a lot from the Home Made Energy guide. Everything is explained very straight forward and it contains information that you need to know.

Otherwise you can rely on someone else. And you probably know how costly and frustrating this can be some times...

So, if you consume any electricity at all, this product is for you. I mean, you can even take your generators to family picnics. Yes, that means portable electricity!

Are There Any Negatives In Home Made Energy?

If I want to get really fault-finder about this, I can probably think of one or two minor things that weren't great about the product:

  1. Home Made Energy is available only for the English-speaking market. If you only know how to speak Spanish, German or French, this one is no good for you. Unless you have a translator. But if you can read and comprehend my review, you won't have any problems with this one.

  2. Home Made Energy comes as an electronic book (eBook). I would have probably liked more to hold a genuine printed book in my hand, without having to print it myself. But they do have a good reason for providing only an online version. They update the guide on monthly basis. They collect the information from users and also publish their latest discoveries when it comes to renewable energy. Plus another benefit to this is that you have instant access to it. It took me less than three minutes until I could read my own copy of Home Made Energy.

Other than that, I give to everything a 10. The product gives superb value for the money.

If you care at all about how much you spend or about a healthier environment, you should grab this product now. I've research for more than 2 years now and I honestly haven't found anything like it, by a big margin.

There are some other guides for DIY wind and solar generators, but all of those that I've read don't get into the same details as Home Made Energy.


This product is the best product I have bought in the last five years, at least. Quality is great. Value is superb.

If you want to save money on your electricity bill, be energy independent, or even help our environment, then you need to grab Home Made Energy right now.

Click Here To Get To Home Made Energy Official Website

Build your own Solar Panel

Solar energy kits for home power production make DIY solar panels easy to build and free to use. Discover how to create solar power from home and what the benefits of going solar are.

Many people ask themselves; do homemade solar panels work very well? The simple answer is: yes, they can reduce your electric bill by up to 90 percent and can be easily built at home.

A solar power system is required when you are looking to use solar electricity for your home. Nowadays you can even build a solar power unit using solar energy kits for home power production. However, to get good functionality of such a unit, you must make sure that you construct the solar panel properly.


Ready made panels may cost you a fortune when you look for them in the stores. Due to this very reason, solar kits were developed. But the question remains, can you really make your own or are DIY solar panels a scam?

DIY solar panels are not only not a scam, they are easy to make and effective for cutting energy. They decrease your electric bill and use the renewable resources of the sun for powering electric appliances.

Solar energy kits for home power production are quite cheap when compared to expensive solar panels, and you can set them up yourself. They come with a complete range of tools and equipment that you will need for the task. An instruction manual is another important component of the kit and provides detailed instructions about the setup procedures of the kit, with some valuable information about solar power in general.

You can build solar powered panels at home with easy instructions. The instruction manual is effective in guiding you through the setup process. You can successfully install the kit all by yourself and you won't need to call a technician. The tools and equipment are all provided so you don't have to run from store to store with a list of items to purchase. This will not only save you time, but also money.

Setting up the unit takes a maximum of a single day's work. Once you are through with the installation, you can almost immediately start using the free electricity from your solar power unit and reduce your power bills.


Solar energy has become very popular, owing to its great many advantages, like being cheap, environment friendly, and non-polluting. With the use of a solar kit, such a unit becomes very easy to install and maintain. The solar kits are very cheap and the fact that you can install them yourself helps to reduce its installation costs as well. You can save a lot of money when you use a solar kit to generate solar electricity for your home.

Apart from cutting your electricity costs, these kits provide you with a clean and healthy environment for your home. This improves the lifestyle of you and your family. The solar kits are cheaper than the solar panels that you can buy ready made from a shop. Such panels may cost you up to 10 times the price of a solar panel kit.

With a detailed instruction manual, the setup and operation of this kit is very easy and less time consuming. These are a great way to conserve the ecology of the earth and help make your home and neighborhood a better place to live in.

Once you discover how to make solar power at home, you will save a considerable amount of money on your electricity bills. Solar powered panel kits can bring a great change to your life.

Author Resource:->  Do you want to learn how to build solar panels and cut your energy bill by 80 percent or more? To discover how to build your own solar panels in less than a day and start saving money on electricity.

Using Green Energy For Our Future

By: Adriana Noton

With the growing concerns about global warming, rising oil and gas prices, and the increase in pollution in our air, water, and soil, governments from all over the world are now searching for ways to implement more renewable energy sources. The supply of fossil fuels is finite, and eventually the world's non-renewable energy sources will be depleted so it has become essential to use green energy to create a sustainable future.

The following are a number of innovative green energy solutions:

Hydroelectric Power: Water is an environmentally friendly source of energy and is the most widely-used renewable source of energy. This green energy is generated by driving turbines from the force of falling water. How much energy is produced will depend on the available water flow and the height that the water falls. The fast flowing water powers the water wheels that drive mechanical processes. This is transformed into mechanical energy. The turbine's rotation spins electromagnets which generate current in stationary coils of wire. The current is then sent through a transformer where the voltage is amplified for long distance conduction over power lines. Water energy dispenses about 60 times less than a coal plant and 30 times less greenhouse gas than gas power plants.

Wind Power: Wind power is generated using the wind. Wind turbines are used to generate the energy. The wind blows the propeller causing it to turn and this causes the turning of a generator to produce electricity. They can be installed wherever there is a good supply of strong wind. The more wind towers and the larger the propellers, the more wind, and the more electricity is produced.

Solar Power: Solar power is the production of electricity from the sunlight. This type of power can be used for heat and electricity. The solar panels harness the sun's energy without moving parts, pollution, radiation, or noise. One method of using solar energy involves using mirrors to reflect and focus the sun's rays, providing heat, which helps power a generator. Another method is photovoltaic panels. Solar panels are installed on the roofs of buildings and homes. The panels run generators which provide the electricity.

Geothermal Energy: This energy comes from the heat within the earth. One will capture this energy source by drilling a hole into the ground to acquire the heat. The heat that is harnessed is used to heat water and create steam to power the generators to create the electricity.

Biomass Energy: This is energy from trees and plants. These plants are harvested and their energy is converted to ethanol which can be burned directly by power plants or vehicles to generate power. Ethanol can be added to gasoline that goes in vehicles. However, recently bio-fuels have been found to be a source of greenhouse gases.

The use of renewable energy sources are increasing throughout the world. Solar and wind energies are two alternative energy that have made significant growth in their use. By using green energy, we are helping to ensure a healthy future and planet for our children.

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A thermal Imaging Camera, in its most basic form, allows the user to see a two dimensional image displayed in heat. This infrared image is created with a tiny grid of infrared detectors inside the thermal imaging camera behind a lens. When all of individual temperature values are converted from a neumeric temperature value to a color associated with a temperature, you generate a thermal image. Thermal images are usefull in many industrial applications, most industrial problems will generate heat as a byproduct such as overloaded panels or failing bearings in a motor. Building inspection is also a great appliation as thermal imaging camera's can detect heat loss around windows or doors and can even detect water damage if used properly!The single most critical feature when selecting a thermal camera is the infrared detector resolution. This is the number of points the thermal imaging camera can measure at any one time and is usually refered to as horizontal x vertical pixels. If you multiply the horizontal pixels by the vertical pixels you will get the total number of infrared measurement points that the camera is capable of measureing. More temperature measurement points will give you a clearer image, better ability to see physically smaller temperature changes and the ability to print out the image at large sizes.

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